Переведите текст с русского ** английский!!!ПОМОГИТЕ!!! СРОЧНО!!!!

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Переведите текст с русского на английский!!!ПОМОГИТЕ!!! СРОЧНО!!!!


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4 Translate the sentences from Rowan into English. Pediatricians will fail to examine the frog mouth. 2-gamkowwsnoaiwaua for determining blood glucose levels. 3 Doctors-laboratory assistants in the study of the extension of tissue research and feeding. 4, surgeons use their skills and conduct operations. 5. The sudio is used for the recumbent (mmobile bedma 6. The metal plate is used to fix the fragility 7. The thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the patient's body.8 Measestru polumutsya otrizrazovymi (disposable) and the needles for holding the Manometer is used for injections nerves, 11. Dentists are filled with an autoclave (autu-elave) for sterilizing instruments 12. A stethoscope and a phonendoscope are used for wiretapping of the internal orrahton of the human orthopedic. VOCABULARY Hospital departments 5 Use the words in the horta complete the denmitions of these hospital departments. немного пропущено

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Тут со временем правильно?

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